Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mrs. Mom

Audrey and Liam had dentist appointments last week. The dentist asked Audrey how she liked kindergarten and she said it was "great!" Then he asked her what her teachers' name is. She replied (very seriously) "Mrs. Mom." The dentist and his assistants were cracking up! I can't remember who told Audrey she should call me Mrs. Mom. Maybe my brother?? But she remembered! We are having so much fun homeschooling. She is going much faster than I thought she would and is having a great time. In addition to our regular work, last month we studied trees and the continents and this month we're doing the presidents. We'll conclude by doing an election of our own on Nov. 4th. I didn't realize how much I missed teaching until I've gotten back into it. Very fun.

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Stefani said...

That is so cute!! Love the election idea! lol! You'll have to let us all know the outcome...

Love you!