Saturday, July 30, 2011

the secret garden

Audrey did a wonderful job as the crow in the play 'The Secret Garden'. It was a very long day but she had a ball and loves being on stage!

Good friends.

A sweet little brother waiting to give his big sister the flowers he picked out for her.

That's a wrap!


It's been a season of accomplishments around here the past few weeks.

Ethan - fully potty-trained. Woo-hoo!! And - he says "Okay" instead of "O-tay".

Liam - ties his own shoes and as of yesterday - can pump on a swing!!

Audrey - is performing today in her first play at the Mt. Baker Theatre! She's excited and nervous. Pictures coming soon. Oh - and she tried her very first Lunchable this week. I tried to warn her that they're gross, but she wanted to try it herself. She says she doesn't ever want to have another one.

I celebrate each milestone with them - and whisper to myself, "slow down little one - it's going too fast." (Except for the potty-training, that's just down-right good!)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

one week

It's only been one week since I've blogged - and yet so much has happened.

Last week my nephew, Charlie, had a very serious reaction to a virus and ended up being intubated and flown to Children's Hospital. So, so scary. My sister Stefani and her husband Kevin experienced some of the most awful days a parent can endure. And let me just say - they were amazing! Charlie was in the hospital for five days and during this time my parents and all my siblings were able to be there. We are all grown and leading our separate lives - and yet when one of us is in need - we come together to support and love one another. I love them all so much! We are so thankful that Charlie is home now. He is doing well and getting stronger every day. AMEN!

This weekend Audrey and I were able to head to Chelan with our friends Kylie and McKenna for a lovely girle weekend. The weather was great. We had tons of swimming time, went to the waterslides, rode the town trolley, and ate yummy food. What a wonderful time! Except for the 6-hour drive home....but it was a small price to pay!

This week is busy, but good. Audrey is doing her first Missoula Children's Theatre camp so she has been gone a lot. On Saturday she will have a dress-rehearsal and two performances - and will be tired for sure! But she's enjoying it and learning a lot. The boys and I are busy running errands and getting our home back in order after a crazy week.

It was scary, it was crazy, it was joyful, it was exhausting. And God is GOOD. He has been merciful to us and we are thankful.

We love you Charlie!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

thank you vicki!

This past September we were blessed with the most wonderful speech therapist for Ethan. Her name is Vicki and Ethan and I loved her right from the start. She came to our home on a regular basis and worked with both of us to help get him talking.

Now that Ethan is three and recently tested at age level for speech (Amen!), we are all done with therapy. Last week we had a little party for Vicki. Thankfully, we'll get to keep seeing her from time to time - because now she's a dear friend!

Friday, July 15, 2011

gathering place

This week we found a new dining room table on craigslist. And the very next day we sold our old table and chairs. I love my new table and we were glad to get rid of our old stuff. But being the sentimental person I am, saying goodbye was a bit sad. That dining set was our first major purchase as a married couple almost 18 years ago. We used money that was a wedding gift from my grandparents. And it has traveled with us to many homes over the years.

For the first ten years there were just two of us having our meals there. Then we started adding little ones. First pushed up to it in their high chairs. Then actually sitting at it in their booster seats. And finally, they would graduate to the big chairs. It's our family gathering place. A few times each day we sit and eat and pray and talk. As we're enjoying our new table this week, I can't help but wonder what the people who dine at it today will look like in another 18 years. And I remind myself, once again, to cherish today. To cherish the noise and the mess and the chaos that is our lives. It's temporary. And I have been so blessed.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

flag football

Liam has been playing flag football through the YMCA the past several weeks. He's a great little player and is having a wonderful time. We were blessed with a coach that has taught him a lot and makes sure the boys have fun too.

Monday, July 11, 2011

happy birthday ethan!

Dear Ethan,
You are three years old today little one. And oh how thankful we are for the strong, healthy, fun little boy that you are. What a big year this has been! For starters, this is the year you started talking. When you turned two, you had just five or six words. Although you were great at using non-verbal tools to communicate, there were still lots of frustrating times. Now - you talk. And talk and talk and talk. Big huge sentences. Most of the time loudly - and often times to tell someone what to do. :) And we love it. I keep wondering if I'll ever get tired of hearing you talk - I really don't think so.
We're so proud of you! You're a very fun little boy. You have a great sense of humor (you think Daddy is particularly funny!). Your big brother and sister adore you. We're so, so glad you're ours.
Life in this house definitely changed three years ago. And we wouldn't have it any other way. Love you Ethan!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

celebrating ethan!

Yesterday we spent a fun family day celebrating Ethan's upcoming birthday. Can't believe he's almost THREE!

We went up to Birch Bay and rode on a fun little train.

We had cake and ice cream - all picked out by Ethan.

He opened presents.

Including a new bike from Grandma and Grandpa!

And we went out for dinner to his favorite pizza place.

Such a great day! We love you Ethan!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

busy, busy July

This month is off to a great start! The big kids spent time in Chelan with my parents and had a ball. Swimming, waterslides, junk food, late nights - what's not to love?? Patrick, Ethan and I got to spend a weekend in Seattle at my brother's home and we had a great time too. We rode the monorail, visited the zoo, shopped at Ikea and went to Madison Park three times in two days.

Now we're all back under one roof (which feels so good!) and getting back into our routine. Oh, and we have a little birthday celebration going on this weekend. Hard to believe we won't have a two-year-old in this house anymore.

All in all it's going to be a fun, busy month. We love summertime!!

Ethan and Patrick at the zoo. It's clear who our travel guide was!

The elephants were a highlight!

Audrey and Liam loaded up with Luke, Jee Young and Alice on their way to Chelan.