Wednesday, July 27, 2011

one week

It's only been one week since I've blogged - and yet so much has happened.

Last week my nephew, Charlie, had a very serious reaction to a virus and ended up being intubated and flown to Children's Hospital. So, so scary. My sister Stefani and her husband Kevin experienced some of the most awful days a parent can endure. And let me just say - they were amazing! Charlie was in the hospital for five days and during this time my parents and all my siblings were able to be there. We are all grown and leading our separate lives - and yet when one of us is in need - we come together to support and love one another. I love them all so much! We are so thankful that Charlie is home now. He is doing well and getting stronger every day. AMEN!

This weekend Audrey and I were able to head to Chelan with our friends Kylie and McKenna for a lovely girle weekend. The weather was great. We had tons of swimming time, went to the waterslides, rode the town trolley, and ate yummy food. What a wonderful time! Except for the 6-hour drive home....but it was a small price to pay!

This week is busy, but good. Audrey is doing her first Missoula Children's Theatre camp so she has been gone a lot. On Saturday she will have a dress-rehearsal and two performances - and will be tired for sure! But she's enjoying it and learning a lot. The boys and I are busy running errands and getting our home back in order after a crazy week.

It was scary, it was crazy, it was joyful, it was exhausting. And God is GOOD. He has been merciful to us and we are thankful.

We love you Charlie!!

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Misha Leigh. said...

I keep meaning to talk to you about Charlie every day - I was getting my updates via Audrey when I had some chat time on the way home. : ) But I wanted to tell you, too, how thankful I am that he's doing better!