Friday, July 15, 2011

gathering place

This week we found a new dining room table on craigslist. And the very next day we sold our old table and chairs. I love my new table and we were glad to get rid of our old stuff. But being the sentimental person I am, saying goodbye was a bit sad. That dining set was our first major purchase as a married couple almost 18 years ago. We used money that was a wedding gift from my grandparents. And it has traveled with us to many homes over the years.

For the first ten years there were just two of us having our meals there. Then we started adding little ones. First pushed up to it in their high chairs. Then actually sitting at it in their booster seats. And finally, they would graduate to the big chairs. It's our family gathering place. A few times each day we sit and eat and pray and talk. As we're enjoying our new table this week, I can't help but wonder what the people who dine at it today will look like in another 18 years. And I remind myself, once again, to cherish today. To cherish the noise and the mess and the chaos that is our lives. It's temporary. And I have been so blessed.


Misha Leigh. said...

Oh Rach, that's really beautiful. I am sentimental about things like that, too. I totally get it - but I'm excited to see your new table. : )

Jen said...

Your new table is a great find and I'm looking forward to seeing the new chairs. A memory I have of your old table was when Audrey was 6 months old and I took over the assembly of her birth announcements. I kept trying to make you into a crafty friend but that was never the type of friend God intended you to be.
ps I like the type of friend you are better anyway.