Friday, February 26, 2010

her day

Audrey's birthday was on Wednesday. In our house, the birthday kid gets to pick a few activities for the day.

Audrey wanted to go on an ice skating date with mom. (I was so honored!) She's been talking about it for weeks. And it was great! I was so proud of her. She fell a lot but always got back up with a smile. She's already wanting to get a pair of her own skates! (We'll see!)

Audrey's gift from us was a new bike. So of course this afternoon we took it out for a spin. Then she got a surprise invitation to go play at Lauren's house (bonus!) and had fun there.

Then off to Red Robin for dinner and dessert!

Is she looking really grown-up, or is it just me??? Stop!!! :-)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Audrey!

Audrey Marie Oscarson 2/24/03

Seven years ago today you entered my life. My daughter. My girl. You changed my world completely and I wouldn't have it any other way. Feb. 23, 2003 was a Sunday. Daddy and I went to church that morning and then came home and did a few things around the house. It was a beautiful day so I decided to go for a walk. It was during that walk that I began to wonder if my water had broken. It was not a big rush or anything, just a little bit at a time. I came home and Dad and I decided we'd better go in and get checked out. Sure enough, they confirmed what I suspected. But because I was not having any contractions yet, they sent me home to rest with instructions to come back at midnight. Do you think I rested? No way! I cleaned and tidied up. And I sat and rocked in your room. All ready and waiting for you.

We checked in at the specified time. I was so nervous. Yes we took the childbirth class but until you experience it you have no idea what to expect. By now my contractions had started but were not terribly uncomfortable. Dad and I spent most of the night walking the halls. When I was up and moving I hardly felt anything, but when I would lie down I would be in pain. So up we stayed!

Dr. Cook came in to check on us in the morning. I was only 3 centimeters. He felt that we needed to start Pitocin to get things moving (you needed to be delivered within 24 hours from when my water broke) and he recommended that I get my epidural first. I still wasn't having a ton of pain but I heeded his advice and had my epidural. The day was long. I dozed in and out. I had a wonderful nurse who was gentle and kind. At around 3:00pm Dr. Cook said I was finally 10 centimeters, but that we'd wait another hour before we started pushing so you could move down a bit on your own. Also during this time the nurses switched shifts. I was sad because I really liked my nurse and my first impression of the new nurse was not good. She wasn't very gentle or motherly - and she wore strong perfume. I reminded Daddy something I did remember from our classes - that it would be his job to speak up if I decided I wanted a new nurse. But as time went on I realized she had been hand-picked for me for the pushing phase of my labor.

I started pushing at 4:00pm. I had this crazy notion that after a few good pushes you would be out (guess I wasn't listening that day in our childbirth classes!). An hour later I was tired. And you weren't moving much. Dr. Cook started suggesting maybe we should use the vacuum to help you out. The whole idea scared me. He'd come in every 10-15 minutes and check me and each time he would offer the vacuum. But my new nurse, who I was coming to adore, would give me a pep talk and encourage me and tell me I could do this on my own. She wasn't motherly but she was tough and when she told me I could do this I believed her. We tried all sorts of pushing positions. Not easy being mostly numb from the waist down! But it finally worked. The nurse called Dr. Cook and at 6:02pm you were in my arms.

Now let me just say that from the moment I saw you I was crazy about you. You were beautiful and I was in love. But I was also scared to death. I didn't know anything about how to care for you or nurse you or dress you. You were so small and fragile. I was sure I would hurt you. And why were you crying? But Daddy was calm and confident. He would take you into his strong arms when I didn't have a clue. He would walk you around the halls so I could rest. He's was amazing with you, really. And slowly my confidence grew too.

We struggled with nursing in those early days. I can vividly recall one night when you and I were both crying - we'd been at it for hours and nothing was working. But I leaned down and whispered in your ear, "I won't give up if you won't." And we didn't. And this I promise you - I will never give up. Through the good times and the bad - I will always be here for you. Loving you. Holding you. Cheering you on.

You are growing up so fast. We have an ongoing joke, you and I. I'll say, "Would you please stop growing?" and you'll laugh and say, "Mommy, I can't." But truth be told - I love watching you grow. I love the person you're becoming. I could not be more proud.

So today you are seven my precious girl. I love you so much. You brighten this home with your smiles and songs and laughter. And I'm so glad you're mine.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

party time!

Miss Audrey Marie is turning 7 this week and today we celebrated with her favorite girlfriends. Cake, ice cream, presents, and painting pottery. She had a wonderful time!

Friday, February 19, 2010

way to go!

Liam's learning to ride his bike with no training wheels!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

valentine's week

We had a wonderful, busy, lovely Valentine's week.

We started if off last week with a party with our dear friends and neighbors. We are so blessed to have such great friends right next door! Crafts, cupcakes and playing outside cannot be beat!

Valentine's Day morning each person found some sweet treats and gifts at the table. We enjoyed a yummy breakfast before heading off to church.

We decorated sugar cookies in the afternoon. And even got to go to the school and ride bikes - it was such a nice day!

My sweetheart stayed up until the wee hours of the morning working on this origami flower for me. So thoughtful. We even got to sneak out that night for a date! How blessed are we??!!

Then yesterday we had another party to attend. Our friend up the street invited all the kids on the street - and there were 17 of them - under the age of eight! Whew! But the kids did a fun exchange and enjoyed a fun craft and great playtime with friends.

No wonder we're all so tired today! But thankful for a fun week as we celebrated with those we love!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

ahhh - so sweet

Just overheard at the lunch table:

Liam - "Audrey, when we get to heaven I think you and I should dance together."
Audrey - "Okay"

Sunday, February 7, 2010

sunshine and superbowl

We had such a great weekend. Saturday we headed down to Seattle to visit Luke, Jee Young, and Nana who was over for a visit. Then Nana came up to our house for a night. As always - so great to have her here!

The weather was beautiful and after lunch we headed to a great park near their house. Audrey has declared it her favorite park in the world! She met a new friend in the zip line.

Ethan made a new friend too!

These may not look that appetizing, but let me just say - they are! Cocoa krispies, peanut butter, marshmallows...YUM!
My football-crazed five year old talked me into them and I'm glad he did. Happy Superbowl!

Friday, February 5, 2010

so embarassed!

I just got a call from our local 911 call center. She said one of my kids had called and they are required to call back and make sure everything is ok. Oh my goodness. How embarrassing! While the big kids and I do some school work each morning, Ethan goes into the playroom with the gate up. I must have left the phone in the elliptical from my workout yesterday and he got it out. And called 911. I can't believe that of all the numbers he must have pushed he came up with that combination! She said they could hear him chewing on the phone and talking and assumed everything was ok - but had to check.

My face is bright red.

And I wonder who else he called?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

hair gel by ethan

1. Enjoy your favorite cereal with milk for breakfast.
2. When you are finished, dump the remaining contents over your head.
3. Your mother will try her best to clean you off.
4. But your hair will remain stiff and spiky until your next bath!