Friday, February 26, 2010

her day

Audrey's birthday was on Wednesday. In our house, the birthday kid gets to pick a few activities for the day.

Audrey wanted to go on an ice skating date with mom. (I was so honored!) She's been talking about it for weeks. And it was great! I was so proud of her. She fell a lot but always got back up with a smile. She's already wanting to get a pair of her own skates! (We'll see!)

Audrey's gift from us was a new bike. So of course this afternoon we took it out for a spin. Then she got a surprise invitation to go play at Lauren's house (bonus!) and had fun there.

Then off to Red Robin for dinner and dessert!

Is she looking really grown-up, or is it just me??? Stop!!! :-)

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Jen said...

I think seven year olds start to look skinny and stretched out!