Friday, March 5, 2010


I am not usually one who "lives" for the weekends. But this week - I am glad it's Friday. It has not been a good week. And it should have been. Everyone is healthy. The weather has been good so we've been able to get outside every afternoon. And Patrick has even been home in time for dinner a few times this week. Like I said, it should have been a great week.

Instead, I have just been feeling completely overwhelmed. My patience is low. My frustration is high. My joy - seriously lacking! I honestly feel like I cannot meet the needs of my family and my home and that just makes me crazy. So okay - I must need to cut some things out. Must need to simplify. Well, let's see...

- Schooling? - nope, not an option. There is a certain amount we need to cover this year/week/day and if we get behind I'll be stressed even more.

- Housework? - nope, I'm already doing the bare minimum. Which drives me nuts. I can barely keep up, let alone get ahead with any major cleaning.

- Preparing meals? they're not fancy - I assure you! Can't cut those out!

- Exercise? - then I'll feel even worse.

- Bible study? - a necessity. Not even negotiable.

- Play time with kids? - I already feel like I don't do enough as it is. (guilt, guilt, guilt)

- Pharmacy duties? - eye patches, nebulizers, medications, vitamins, fluoride, probiotics....sheesh! but no - must do it - and must keep track of it all.

- Weekly errands? - Haggen, Costco, Target, library?? Hmmmm - don't think that would work.

- TV time in the evenings? - Yes, I know I should. But seriously, once kids are in bed, all I want to do is veg out. Terrible/selfish waste of time, I know. (guilt, guilt, guilt)

Sorry to complain. I DO realize how blessed I am (which adds to the guilt of how horrible I've been feeling/acting). I'm thankful it's Friday. Praying for some rest this weekend so I can be refreshed for Monday...when it will start all over again!


Courtney said...

Awww, I know what you're feeling;) I was out of the house working all day 2 days earlier this week and I still don't think I've caught up. Jonah ended up in the hotub while he had a fever because I wasn't here taking care of him (guilt), Abe has spent most of his day today in the playroom so I can do laundry and housework and take care of Jonah (guilt) and I've missed 2 days this week working out (blah). You're doing a great job sis! And summer is just around the corner (you can cross one thing off your list for a few months!). Just take a few deep breaths, put it all in perspective and remember Mom's poem about the cobwebs keeping and the kids growing up:) I keep that in my mind alot or else everything gets all screwed up! I love you! Sorry I don't have any advice for you...sometimes as a Mom it just is what it is:-)

~beautyandjoy~ said...

so get this, so so much - if it helps at all I feel you! xo