Monday, March 22, 2010

the dilemma

Ethan has a cold - which means that his asthma is flaring up. He doesn't wheeze or cough much, but his breathing rate is very fast. Like he's running a race all the time. When he gets like this I'm supposed to increase his asthma medication. But a side-effect of the medication is that he gets really hyper. And runs around. And breathes faster. UGH!

We are praying, praying for health this week. On Saturday we are all supposed to head down to Seattle for our annual Dobbs Family Camp (all 12 adults and 6 kids together in one house!!) and then on Tuesday the big kids and I are supposed to head to California with my parents to visit family there. I emphasize supposed to because it will be a miracle if we are all healthy enough to make these things happen. With five people in our family now it seems that someone almost always has something. Some mild, some major....but something. So I am praying for a miracle...FIVE healthy people all ready for an adventure next week. You can be praying for us too if you think of it!

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ray said...

We're praying for all of y'all.
Love you
Mom and Dad