Tuesday, November 30, 2010


...somehow I don't think this is quite what they had in mind for "mismatch" night at Awana. Oh well. This is what the kids came up with!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

spoke too soon...

...about the 'on the mend' part. This is Liam this morning.

At his after-hours Dr. appointment last night, they have determined that he's having an allergic reaction to the antibiotic he's on for the strep throat he was diagnosed with last week. This rash covers his entire body and is very itchy. Poor baby.

While Patrick had him at the Dr. last night, I just had to make a list of our last two months. More just for my own record-keeping (and to help explain why I am filled with anxiety lately) - so don't feel the need to read it if you're time is short. It's not pretty.

mid-Sept. - everyone gets colds. Pretty standard, just lots of coughing.
Oct. 3 - A to Dr. R - ear infection, on antibiotics
Oct. 13 - E to Dr. L - cough/cold - check his asthma
Oct. 19 - R to Dr. H - bronchitis - on antibiotics
Oct. 19 - E to Dr. M - cough/cold - check his asthma
Oct. 26 - E to Dr. B - double ear infection - on antibiotics
Oct. 26 - L to Dr. B - sinus infection
Nov. 4 - E call to Dr. B - his eyes are itching, possible allergy? stop antibiotics, start Benedryl
Nov. 6 - E to Dr. B - eyes, nose, ears itching - try Zyrtec
Nov. 8 - E to Dr. D - still itching, getting worse - try antihistamine eye drops
Nov. 9 - L to Dr. R - strep throat, on antibiotics
Nov. 13 - E start Prednisone for itching (nightmare medication!!!)
Nov. 17 - L to Dr. F - full-body rash, stop amox. and try another antibiotic
Nov. 18 - E to Dr. E - asthma check/rash check

In case you lost track, that's 11 doctor visits since Oct. 3. To say that I'm feeling like we're under attack here would be putting it mildly. What the heck is going on? What the heck am I doing wrong? Sooooo need for this to be over.

On the other hand - I'm thankful that Patrick has been able to take some time off to be here and help. Sick kids freak me out - it's such a blessing to have him here.

So please keep us in your prayers. We could use them!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


...that after two months of various illnesses (and I'm not exaggerating - I feel more like a pharmacist that a mama) - we are all on the mend

...for amazing friends who bring meals and pray over you when you need it

...for a husband who picks up the slack when mama is falling apart

...that next week is Thanksgiving and we get to be with our family

...for Tylenol pm :-)

...for a renewed focus that from an eternal perspective, enjoying my kids is even more important than educating them

...for a God who loves me no matter what!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Liam turned six this weekend! His birthday fell on a Sunday when the Seahawks had a home game - and he is a huge football fan - so he and Dad went to the game. Even though the Seahawks got creamed, Liam declared it, "the best game ever!"

He picked chocoate cake with chocolate frosting and gummy bears, which Audrey and I baked and decorated for him.

And we finished things off with a trip to Red Robin last night.

Happy Birthday Liam!

Friday, November 5, 2010

so proud...

...of this young man. He started Awana this year at our church and loves it. Yes, he gets to take a bus there and back. And yes, game time is a kick. But this little guy can memorize the Bible like you would not believe. All on his own. This book that he's holding is supposed to last him the entire year. But he finished it last week. Memorized 34 verses in just 6 weeks. And he KNOWS them.

Patrick and I gave him his first big Bible this week as a way to congratulate him and tell him how proud we are. He's an amazing kid. Strong and loud - but with a gentle heart for the Lord. Love, love, love him.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

halloween 2010

Halloween week was busy and fun. We're developing some neat family traditions that everyone looks forward to.

Carving the pumpkin with Dad.

Decorating sugar cookies.

The kids dressed up for Awana as their favorite Bible characters. Meet Queen Esther and her Uncle Mordecai.

Mummy dogs for dinner.

Super girl. Bob the Builder. And a soldier.

We trick-or-treated with good friends.

And after a fun evening - everyone plunked down on the sidewalk to enjoy the fruit of their labor.

Sorting. Organizing. Trading. This was always my favorite part of the holiday!

And now we're off to sell our candy. No kidding. A local dentist in town will buy it and the kids want the money more than the sweets. Fine with me!