Thursday, November 18, 2010

spoke too soon...

...about the 'on the mend' part. This is Liam this morning.

At his after-hours Dr. appointment last night, they have determined that he's having an allergic reaction to the antibiotic he's on for the strep throat he was diagnosed with last week. This rash covers his entire body and is very itchy. Poor baby.

While Patrick had him at the Dr. last night, I just had to make a list of our last two months. More just for my own record-keeping (and to help explain why I am filled with anxiety lately) - so don't feel the need to read it if you're time is short. It's not pretty.

mid-Sept. - everyone gets colds. Pretty standard, just lots of coughing.
Oct. 3 - A to Dr. R - ear infection, on antibiotics
Oct. 13 - E to Dr. L - cough/cold - check his asthma
Oct. 19 - R to Dr. H - bronchitis - on antibiotics
Oct. 19 - E to Dr. M - cough/cold - check his asthma
Oct. 26 - E to Dr. B - double ear infection - on antibiotics
Oct. 26 - L to Dr. B - sinus infection
Nov. 4 - E call to Dr. B - his eyes are itching, possible allergy? stop antibiotics, start Benedryl
Nov. 6 - E to Dr. B - eyes, nose, ears itching - try Zyrtec
Nov. 8 - E to Dr. D - still itching, getting worse - try antihistamine eye drops
Nov. 9 - L to Dr. R - strep throat, on antibiotics
Nov. 13 - E start Prednisone for itching (nightmare medication!!!)
Nov. 17 - L to Dr. F - full-body rash, stop amox. and try another antibiotic
Nov. 18 - E to Dr. E - asthma check/rash check

In case you lost track, that's 11 doctor visits since Oct. 3. To say that I'm feeling like we're under attack here would be putting it mildly. What the heck is going on? What the heck am I doing wrong? Sooooo need for this to be over.

On the other hand - I'm thankful that Patrick has been able to take some time off to be here and help. Sick kids freak me out - it's such a blessing to have him here.

So please keep us in your prayers. We could use them!


Misha Leigh. said...

oh sweet lady - this is so hard. I am so sorry!

Courtney said...

Rach, I'm so sorry...this really all sucks (bonus that Miss A seems to be staying healthy lately). One thing...and this is so hard for me can't think you are doing anything wrong. Talking to people like Chad Hurst has helped alot in helping change my attitude (I still try and blame myself somehow for Jonah's chronic ear problems/surgeries 10+ years ago)...children get sick. They get sick alot. And your kids are going to be super healthy adults. Abe just got over a 4 day fever and I had to check my attitude hourly..keep reminding myself, this is ok. I know it's exhausting and it feels so out of control (us Dobbs kids and our control issues!) but all you can do is your best and give the rest up. You are an amazing mom..Audrey, Liam and Ethan are so lucky to have you=) I wish we lived closer at these times...I'm thankful for your great friends and amazing husband that take good care of you=) I love you! We'll all be together soon! Can't wait to see you guys!