Friday, November 5, 2010

so proud...

...of this young man. He started Awana this year at our church and loves it. Yes, he gets to take a bus there and back. And yes, game time is a kick. But this little guy can memorize the Bible like you would not believe. All on his own. This book that he's holding is supposed to last him the entire year. But he finished it last week. Memorized 34 verses in just 6 weeks. And he KNOWS them.

Patrick and I gave him his first big Bible this week as a way to congratulate him and tell him how proud we are. He's an amazing kid. Strong and loud - but with a gentle heart for the Lord. Love, love, love him.

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ray said...

Nana and Papa are PROUD too Liam. God tells us to "Hide" verses away in our heart. That means to memorize and understand them. God also says He will help us remember those verses Just When We Need Them Most. We love you!!