Friday, July 8, 2011

busy, busy July

This month is off to a great start! The big kids spent time in Chelan with my parents and had a ball. Swimming, waterslides, junk food, late nights - what's not to love?? Patrick, Ethan and I got to spend a weekend in Seattle at my brother's home and we had a great time too. We rode the monorail, visited the zoo, shopped at Ikea and went to Madison Park three times in two days.

Now we're all back under one roof (which feels so good!) and getting back into our routine. Oh, and we have a little birthday celebration going on this weekend. Hard to believe we won't have a two-year-old in this house anymore.

All in all it's going to be a fun, busy month. We love summertime!!

Ethan and Patrick at the zoo. It's clear who our travel guide was!

The elephants were a highlight!

Audrey and Liam loaded up with Luke, Jee Young and Alice on their way to Chelan.

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