Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Audrey woke in the middle of the night with a nightmare. It doesn't happen often, but last night she was sobbing - tears streaming down her face. When I asked her what the dream was about she said, "I was walking along a path in a park. Then I saw a cow in the path so I said 'moo' to him. Then he said to me, 'get off this path' and that scared me." More sobs, more tears.

I was trying hard not to laugh. She was not scared about walking in a park alone. She was not scared about meeting up with a cow in that park. She was just scared that he told her to get off the path. So glad her nightmares are still so innocent!

We prayed together. I rubbed her back. She went back to sleep. I climbed in bed and told Patrick about the dream - we laughed together.

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Jen said...

Audrey may have a new phobia of cows. I had a nightmare about Spiderman when I was a kid and I still feel he is secretly evil.