Thursday, December 30, 2010

cooking up a storm

Audrey loves to cook. She would do it every day if she could. This year for Christmas she asked for an EasyBake Oven. But I just couldn't do it. For one, we're trying to get rid of extra things and we already have a perfectly good oven. I also didn't want her "cooking" to be limited to cakes and cookies from pre-packaged mixes. And I knew that what she really wanted was just more time in the kitchen. So instead, I found her this:

It comes with six cups to cook in and a recipe book with lots of options from appetizers to main dishes to desserts. She picked a recipe. Added the ingredients she needed to our shopping list. And then she cooked pear puff pastry cups for us all. Yum!

Now she wants to do this every Sunday. Won't be long before she's in charge of meals around here! Working myself right out of a job...

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Heather said...

Sounds so great, we did the easy bake...I'm having regrets! Maybe I'll copy you for Lauren's Birthday. : )