Monday, February 21, 2011

party time!

We celebrated Audrey's upcoming 8th birthday this weekend. She chose to have a "pre-slumber" party (do all the things you would do for a real slumber party except guests get picked up by parents right before the actual fall asleep time). Five of her friends came over and we had a ball. The night went something like this: dinner (tacos and pink lemonade), cake and ice cream, craft time, change into pj's and lay out sleeping bags, open presents, watch a movie (and snuggle up in one big pile during the "scary" parts), eat popcorn, paint toenails, have a gigantic pillow fight, go home wired and all hopped up on sugar.

Audrey had a great time. Several times during the night she would come up to me and whisper, "Mom, this is awesome! Thank you so much." Ahhhh - makes it all worthwhile.

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Jen said...

I'm sure it's a birthday she'll always remember!