Monday, June 13, 2011

sunburned and happy

I have a sunburn. A pretty good one, actually. But every time I see it in the mirror and gasp, or move the wrong way and feel pain - it makes me happy. This sunburn represents several beautiful things for me.

1. The sun was out this weekend.
2. I was able to enjoy it from a very beautiful location on Whidbey Island.
3. I was with girlfriends that I treasure and love.
4. I was so relaxed and comfortable - I did not even realize my skin was frying.

So although it will take awhile for the effects to wear off - it was worth it. I'm so blessed by my friends. And I have a husband who encourages me to go away and takes very good care of our kids while I'm gone.

Sunburned and happy. That's me!

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