Monday, November 21, 2011

Disneyland pictures

Brace yourselves - for more pictures than you probably care to see!

The four of us at the airport waiting for our plane to board. We've been up since 4:00am but so excited no one is feeling tired!
On the shuttle from the airport to our hotel. Getting a little bit goofy!

Waiting to enter! You do lots of waiting in line at Disneyland. Probably a good experience for these homeschooled kids!
The kids watched several vacation-planning dvd's before we left and knew that they wanted Splash Mountain to be their very first ride. I tried to warn them that it's pretty scary and maybe we should work our way up to it. No one listened to me. It ended up being our very first ride - and our very last. With many, many in between! A family favorite, for sure. These pictures are taken during the 50 foot straight-down drop.

Singing "Jingle Bells" with Farley.
Disneyland is even more amazing than usual this time of year. Every night the park is transformed into a winter wonderland - complete with snow falling! It's beautiful.
The vacation package we bought included one character meal. I had heard that the food at "Ariel's Grotto" is great so that's where we went. It also includes a parade of princesses and photo opportunities. Our little "princess," however, is not interested in those princesses so we just did a family photo instead.
We had a ball exploring Tom Sawyer Island.
On our short walk from our hotel to the park.
The only character photo my kids cared about was this one with a Storm Trooper!California Screamin' is a very scary roller coaster. Our kids loved it!
The highlight of the trip was Jedi Training Academy. I had been warned ahead of time that not all kids in the audience get to participate. So we were delighted when both kids got picked! So much fun!

When Patrick and I were last at Disneyland (we think about 11 years ago) we fell in love with a show called Billy Hill and the Hillbillies. It's a bluegrass show with a Christmas flare this time of year. So much fun!Some friends of ours moved down to Huntington Beach a couple of years ago and we got to see them! So great to see familiar faces there!
Yummy food, of course!
The biggest Christmas tree you've ever seen.
More family photos. Maybe we can photoshop Ethan in and use them for Christmas cards. Except for my horrible Splash Mountain hair, of course!
So, so much fun. The week before we left I had been praying for God's favor over this trip. And He gave it - in abundance. We are so grateful.


Jen said...

So glad to hear you had a wonderful time!

Kathy E. said...

Wow, amazing times and photos -- glad to see you all had a fantastic adventure. I'll have to pick your brain in a few years when we finally take our kids.

Courtney said...

Loved every single picture Rach! Thanks for sharing=)

Zora said...

Oh my...I LOVE how many photos you included. The kids look they are having such a great time. Inspires me to go to Disneyland in a few years when the little ones are old enough to really appreciate it and stay awake all day. It looks likes your trip was spectacular! And on a sidenote, can I say I smiled REALLY large that Audrey didn't want a picture with the Disney Princesses. Loved that. And that they both got into the Jedi act and wanted only one photo with the Stormtrooper. There is some SUPER parenting behind those choices

*You really will have to remind Audrey that I've told 20+ people about the time that she stood near you as you spoke to Courtney and I. She had something to tell you...but you were talking to us. She waited patiently, not jittery and rudely interjecting. And after a few minutes, she touched you lightly on the arm. You acknowledged that she needed to say something and that you would listen very shortly after you were done with your conversation. And as I stood baffled by her manners, she waited. You then listened to her. I say today because I hope, I pray, I cross my fingers that I can impart great manners and kindness and patience into Nora. That one moment has always inspired me.