Sunday, February 24, 2013

she's ten!

It's hard for me to believe - but our precious girl is ten years old! We had a fabulous weekend celebrating her birth. She requested a slumber party for her birthday and invited three of her sweet friends to join her. They had a wonderful night (and mine wasn't bad either!).

Audrey baked and decorated her own cake this year. She saw an example in a magazine and did a great job recreating it! I think I see a new hobby in her future!

She was so excited waiting for her friends she literally jumped for joy!

Patrick had the job honor of decorating for the party. He did far more than any of us imagined and she loved it! Streamers, colored light bulbs, white Christmas lights, balloons - it was wonderful!

Finally, the girls arrived. We started with presents...

...and hugs!

Then had cake and ice cream.

And snuggled up for a movie with popcorn.

By midnight, the were (almost) all asleep!

We had a yummy breakfast.

And we finished up with a mini-nail salon. It was a huge success - 
"even better than she imagined it would be!"

The morning of her actual birthday, she awoke to presents.

That evening she chose Olive Garden as the place to go for dinner. They were wonderful to her!

She got to pick any dessert off the menu and chose a raspberry cheesecake. Have I mentioned that she has great taste?

Happy birthday to our precious Audrey. We are so proud of the beautiful young lady you are becoming. It is a privilege to watch you grow. Your sunny spirit lights up our home and we are so very thankful for you!


Courtney said...

Love it! What a fun birthday!

JustJess said...

She looks like such a sweet girl with excellent cake baking skills! Congrats, mama.