Sunday, May 26, 2013

half and half

I did a little math recently and discovered that today marks the day that I have been married as long as I was single. Today I have spent exactly half of my life as a Dobbs, and half of my life as an Oscarson.

People thought we were nuts when we got married. I was only 19. Just one year out of high school. We'd only been dating for a short time, and not all of that had been blissful. But somehow I just knew he was the one (or I was being incredibly stubborn). I was a total brat while we planned our wedding (did I mention I was 19??) I was scared to death and cried a lot on my wedding day (did I mention I was 19??). And the first years of our marriage were not pretty. It was not a storybook beginning, that's for sure.

But God is good. And He is bigger than all of that. He drew us both to Him. He wove us together. He made us into a family.

We were able to go out on a date last night - a rare but cherished treat. And during our time alone together I was reminded once again how much I love this man. How safe and secure I feel with him. How thankful I am that he is the father of my children. How much I love our family and our home.

I am completely humbled by all of this. I know without a shadow of a doubt that we had nothing to do with creating any of it. But I am so very grateful.

.....So carry on, 19 year old girl. You cut that ridiculous cake you picked out. You don't have a clue what you're doing, but God does. And He's got this.


Carrie said...

You crack me up! And are a testimony to what is involved in a great marriage. You have wonderful parents to follow also :-)

Kathy E. said...

Ahh, I remember that day and the tears ;) so well. Wishing you another 19 years of joy in marriage my friend.