Monday, May 25, 2015

adoption update

It's been nearly three years since we began the process to adopt from Ethiopia. During that time we completed piles of paperwork, paid numerous fees, and waited for our referral. With each passing day, we grew more and more excited to welcome a new daughter into our family.

But a few months ago we received some devastating news. Our agency had decided to stop all Ethiopian adoptions. Within a few weeks, more U.S. agencies did the same. The politics and adoption corruption in Ethiopia are making it difficult to process ethical adoptions. We were told that there was nothing more we could do to move forward. We couldn't believe it. We were sad and angry and frustrated and confused.

We've had some time to process this change in our plans. And while we still do not understand, we have peace. We may not like this chapter of the story, but we know The Author. And HE IS GOOD. He loves our family and he loves orphans. And we know that He will bring beauty from these ashes.

Thank you for your prayers and support. We have appreciated our family and friends tremendously though this process. While we remain confident that adoption is part of His plan for our lives, we are not yet sure exactly what that will look like. So until there is clear direction, we will continue to enjoy and be thankful for our family of five.

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Anonymous said...

We will just keep praying for God's direction! :) On the adoption front we added two six week old kittens tonight.