Monday, May 11, 2009

happy mother's day!

What a wonderful Mother's Day! Patrick and the kids got up early and made a great breakfast. I had some amazing gifts specially made by the kids and a new hanging basket for my porch. Then we headed off to church on a beautiful sunny day. In the afternoon all three kids we sleeping or resting at the same time so Patrick and I cleaned out the garage - which may not sound like a treat - but heck, we were alone together and we now have a ping-pong table we can actually use and enjoy! Then Patrick BBQ'd dinner - and I got to enjoy an evening walk with a friend. Wonderful, wonderful day.

I am just feeling overwhelmed lately by the blessings in my life. There are tons of them - and I'm finally at an age where I can actually SEE them and BE thankful. Yesterday I was not only in awe of the blessings of my husband and children, but also my mother. She's an amazing woman who has sacrificed so much to care for others. Her legacy will touch generations to come. Thank you Mom! I love you!

My siblings and I grew up hearing this song by Steve and Annie Chapman in our home. My Dad even sang it at church a few times. It was running through my head yesterday and reminds me to cherish these precious days with my kids.

I count it as a privilege, I count it cause for praise,
To kiss my children goodnight at the close of every day,
For I know too soon they're up and gone,
And walking out that door,
And I'll never have that child to kiss, goodnight anymore.

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Courtney said...

Loved this post! I love you!