Saturday, July 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Ethan!

Ethan Morrow Oscarson 7/11/08

Official due date - July 22, 2008
C-section scheduled - July 14, 2008
My water broke - July 10, 2008
You were born - July 11, 2008

I had it all planned out. A nice scheduled c-section was going to fit perfectly into my plan. Nana would be here to watch Audrey and Liam. I had my last few to-do things planned for the weekend. And I was counting down the days. But you had other plans!

Thursday, July 10th started out like a normal day. I was incredibly uncomfortable - but had been for the past several weeks and today was no different. Audrey had VBS. We picked her up at noon and headed home for lunch. After lunch I was putting Liam down for a quiet time. At 1:50pm I was laying down on his bed reading to him when I heard - and felt - a pop. I knew that pop. I had felt it before. I calmly asked Liam to get me a towel and then carefully stood up. Sure enough - my water had broken. I made my way into the bathroom with Liam right behind me. Audrey heard the commotion and came into the bathroom too. They're both asking questions. I'm sitting on the toilet and trying to stay calm. I have Audrey get me the phone and I start making calls. First to Daddy who had faithfully been keeping his cell phone on for a couple weeks. Ring, ring, ring - no answer. Then to my doctor who informs me that I need to get to the hospital within one hour. Ok sure, no problem. I call Nana. There is no way she can come over that night but perhaps Uncle Luke can. She'll call me back. Try Dad again. No answer. Call Kylie. Yes, of course, bring Audrey and Liam over. They can stay the night if they need to. Try Dad again. No answer. Call UPS and ask them to send Dad a message that I'm in labor! Dad calls very soon and is on his way home. Nana calls and yes, Luke can come and is on his way. Nana will come tomorrow to take over. I start packing a bag (nope - I didn't even have my bag packed. We had a c-section scheduled for MONDAY, remember???). I get the big kids dressed and ready to go. Dad gets home. We drop the kids at Kylie's. And off to the hospital we go. We arrive at 3:15pm.

At the hospital they confirm that yes, my water did break (oh really?) and that I'm 4cm dilated. I'm having and feeling contractions fairly strong at this point so we decide to just see how things go. Maybe we can avoid a c-section if things keep progressing. They check me into a room. I recognize my nurse right away. She was with me when I was in labor with Liam too and I really like her! They get my IV going and get me hooked up to monitors. I try to stay up and moving around until the pain gets to be too much. Then I get my epidural (a great epidural, by the way. I hardly felt it!). At this point it's around 6:00pm and I'm only 5-6cm dilated. I'm getting discouraged and fairly sure that this is going to end up in another c-section. Dr. Cook keeps coming in and checking but the progress was not fast. He starts some Pitocin to get things moving along and seems fairly open to just waiting and seeing what will happen. Your heartbeat looks nice and strong so he's not worried about you. I try to rest but am pretty uncomfortable and nervous. At 11:00pm he checks once more. I'm only 6cm. Still. He decides to let me try for two more hours, then we'll make the final call. Sounds good to me. I'm TIRED at this point. They turn out the lights and try to let us rest. Daddy sleeps. I do not.

Dr. Cook comes back in at 1:00am. Checks me and I'm at 10cm!!!! Oh my goodness. I'm excited. I'm elated. Then I realize that means I have to push. I don't think I have the strength at this point. Your head is transverse so he has me get on my hands and knees for awhile. And it works. I start pushing at around 2:00am. It was hard work but I was so thankful to not be having surgery. And the nurses were very encouraging. And Daddy was great. Finally, at 3:20am, out you came. Dr. Cook held you up and Daddy said, "It's a boy!"

They put you on my chest and you immediately looked into my eyes with those amazing blue eyes of yours. And then you start licking your lips. You were hungry! They quickly wiped you off and weighed you. Then gave you right back and we started nursing. You were a pro right from the start. I called Nana and told her the good news. Actually I told her voice mail the good news. She still has it saved to this day. I've listened to it and I can't believe how alert and energetic I sound. I was so thrilled you were here. I was so glad I didn't have a c-section. I was so excited to meet you.

Happy Birthday Ethan. This year has just flown by. What a joy it has been to watch you grow. So thankful you're a part of our family. Handpicked for us. What a blessing!


~beautyandjoy~ said...

This made me cry! So wonderful. Happy Birthday, little man!

Courtney said...

Thanks Rach! That was wonderful to read! Got me all teary eyed=) Happy Birthday little man Ethan! So glad you are part of our family!