Thursday, August 27, 2009

new tricks!

Ethan has had a busy couple of weeks learning new tricks!

He learned to sit on his car and push it forward and back by himself.

Then he learned to climb on top of it and balance with no hands (couldn't quite get that shot). So now the car is in the garage so he doesn't break any bones when the car rolls out from under him.

He thinks it's hilarious to hit anything and everything (and everyone!) with the boomwhackers. It's hard to tell him no because he does it with this big smile and a low growl and then toddles off to his next victim.

He loves to sit on the bottom step. I remember all the kids loved this spot.

He climbs on the kids desk chairs to look out the window.

And makes this mess of my Real Simple magazines in about one minute flat. I picked them up once and now they're in the garage.

And the slide - the slide! He's a pro!

Ethan's doing his part to ensure that there is never a dull moment in this house!!


Courtney said...

Wow! I'm not going to even recognize him in September! He and Abe are going to have a blast!

The Gallagher Crew said...

What a cutie-pie! Wow...he's grown so fast!!!