Tuesday, August 11, 2009

school preparation

We are starting school on Monday. Yep - this Monday. And we are so excited. Most of my supplies for the year were purchased locally at Launching Success, but the last few have trickled in via the mail this week and Audrey nearly jumps out of her pants each time we get something new. She cannot wait to begin. I'm very excited too. I love to PLAN - so I've had a great time getting lesson plans ready to go and requesting books from the library to go with our topics for the first few weeks. Still have a few final things to do - but otherwise we're ready to go!

I read a book this summer called The Well Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education and it was exactly what we've been looking for with our homeschooling. It's fairly rigorous, but will be so much fun too. Audrey will have a full schedule for first grade: Grammar, Reading, Spelling, Writing, Math, Bible Study, History, Science and Art. And Liam will basically be doing kindergarten work. He'll join us for History and Science - then he requested math work and he wants to learn to read. Sounds good to me!

So we're enjoying our last few days of "summer vacation" and looking forward to a great year ahead!


Jen said...

very impressive.

Courtney said...

This is why you are so good at homeschooling! Sounds like a great school year ahead for both kids! So I'll be sending Jonah over in a few weeks to start school with you too!!!=) Ah, that would be a DREAM!!
Do you still want Gram's spoons to use for school. It's OK if you don't, they have a beautiful spot on the wall in my dining room so either way...let me know!