Saturday, November 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Liam!

Liam Merlie Oscarson 11/7/04

You were coming soon. That much we knew. We just didn't know when. On Saturday, Nov. 6 I was feeling pretty good. Nana called in the morning and said she was going to head on over, just in case. I told her I didn't think that was necessary - I was really feeling fine. She insisted. Later in the afternoon I started feeling a bit uncomfortable. Nana and Dad knew what was happening. I, however, was in denial. I really wanted to be there to put Audrey to bed before we went to the hospital. But as things progressed, I finally agreed it was time to go. I checked in at the front desk, stepped inside the main door, and my water broke. Everywhere. I was mortified and started crying. The nurses got me cleaned up and into a room. I was elated to find out that I was already 6cm! Woo-hoo. I requested an epidural immediately.

Around 11pm that night, things started getting a bit weird. I was not dilating anymore. I was having some bleeding. And your heartbeat was doing some strange things. They got me on some Pitocin to get things going again. After many long hours it worked and I was at 10cm. But when I started pushing - your heart rate plummeted. Nurses would run into the room. They'd have me get up on my hands and knees and your heart rate would look better. We tried pushing just a couple times but at around 5:30am the decision was made that I needed a c-section. Things started happening very quickly all around me. Then out of the room we ran. I cried all the way to the operating room. I was scared for both of us and this was not at all what I had planned (and you and I both know how much I like a good plan!).

But at 5:57am - you were born. How I loved hearing those first cries. I could tell you were strong and healthy. Daddy got to hold you right away - I had to wait a little while. But you were so worth the wait. My precious son. And once you were in my arms, you didn't want to leave again. You pretty much stayed in bed with me the whole time we were in the hospital. We tried putting you in the nursery once so I could get some rest. But just as I was nodding off - a nurse brought you back - screaming - and told me they couldn't get you to calm down. They placed you down next to me and you fell asleep.

I love telling the story of how you were named. During the whole time I was in labor, several nurses were in and out. The first one asked if we knew what we were having. We said a boy. She asked what we would name you. We said we weren't sure. Our list included Jacob, Caleb, Lucas and Liam. "Oh, I love the name Liam. It's my husband's name." Hmmm. Ok. Next nurse comes in. Same questions from her. Same responses from us. "Oh, I love the name Liam", she says. "When I had my baby 20 years ago they told me it was a boy and we were going to name him Liam. We were surprised when out came a girl. But I've always loved that name." Hmmmm. Ok. THIRD nurse comes in. Same conversation. "Oh, I love the name Liam. I have a nephew named Liam. It's a great name" Hmmm. Ok. So when I was in the recovery room after the c-section, Daddy carried you in and suggested we name you. I said, "Ok, what do you want to name him?" Daddy said, "Well I think his name is Liam." "I think you're right." We felt like God had been whispering to us throughout that very long night, "His name is Liam. His name is Liam."

So there you go my big five-year-old boy. Your birth was crazy, exciting, scary, and so very worth it all. We love you so much. You add life and spunk and joyful noise to this home of ours and we wouldn't trade you for the world. We love watching you grow. But if you could slow down that growing up just a little, that would be great! Love you, my dear!


Jen said...

Happy Birthday Liam!

Courtney said...

Oh Rachel, you made me cry...I love Liam's story! I love the part about how they couldn't get him to settle down in the nursery and then they set him in bed with you and he fell asleep=) And the part about his name!
I love you crazy little man! So happy to be your auntie! Happy Birthday buddy!

~beautyandjoy~ said...

Happy Birthday, sweet neighbour we love!

The Gallagher Crew said...

Ditto on the bringing ya to tears! Sweet happy story + pregnant mamma = tears. Happy Birthday big guy! :)