Thursday, November 12, 2009

have i mentioned lately... much I love my Mom? She came over last weekend to visit us. She drove over a very snowy pass to get here. She loved on my family all weekend. Her presence in our home is both exciting and calming. She helps out in so many ways. She encourages me in my mothering. I wish more than anything that she lived closer. We're so blessed to be able to call her "ours". Thanks Mom! We love you!


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zoratravels said...

I echo your sentiment about your mom. It's funny how every Christmas I start telling the same stories to Daniel about how much I used to love my Christmas seasons at the Dobbs family. There were a few times during Advent that I had the thrill to be at your house. There was such meaning and heart and specialness to the celebrating at your house. Less about gifts and more about stories and family. You have such an amazing family. Your parents have taught me so much about how I wish to parent. You guys are all quite lucky and I love the early Christmas at Thanksgiving that you guys are doing these days!