Tuesday, January 5, 2010

too quiet

Lately, we've been working with Liam on volume control. He is just a LOUD kid. He talks loud. He plays loud. He sings loud. And when he gets mad and yells - watch out! We've had his hearing checked and they say it's fine. And we remind him about 500 times a day to "be quiet", "lower your voice", "watch your volume", and "use your inside voice." Nothing seems to help.

But last night - as I climbed into bed and was reflecting on our day - I got tears in my eyes when I realized I had not needed to admonish him once about volume. He was so sick that he was very quiet. And it made me sad. His loudness is one of the things that makes our house our home. And one day I'll miss hearing his voice every day. So perhaps I'll just chill out about it and enjoy my loud, healthy boy!

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