Friday, October 15, 2010


My garbage disposer was stinky. I cleaned it. Bleached it. Put ice and dish soap down it. Put vinegar down it. Still stinky. Picked up a book on cleaning hints and found one that said to freeze ice cubes made of equal parts water and vinegar and then put them down there. Made sense. What they failed to mention is that having vinegar in your freezer overnight will leave your freezer and your refrigerator smelling like vinegar for many days. The smell seems to have been absorbed into every porous surface. Are you kidding me?

Oh, and my disposer still stinks.


ray said...

This is an easy one for Pat. Below the disposer is a P-Trap, an s-shaped gizzmo that holds water so you don't get sewer gas smells up into the house. Have him unscrew the P-Trap and give it a good cleaning. The one below the disposer often gets lined with gunk. That may help. If not, a new disposer is a $120 thing.

Courtney said...

I agree with Dad. When ours gets too bad and we can't get the smell out we just buy a new one! Not very economical...but it will save your sanity=)

ray said...

Also - every few weeks I grind up a few Lemon Rinds in the disposer. You thought my Fresh Lemonade was only for drinking.

Or grind up an Onion. At least you'd know what that smell was :-)