Monday, August 22, 2011

hot, hot, hot

It was finally hot here this weekend. I'm not one who generally enjoys the heat - but even I have to admit that this summer has been ridiculously cold. So we took the hot weather we were given and we ran with it. The kids played in the sprinkler several times. (The view of swimsuits hanging on the front porch to dry is one of my favorites!) We BBQ'd burgers and corn on the cob. And then Sunday night after dinner we took a drive out to Sudden Valley and got ice cream and put our feet in the water. Patrick and I lived out there before we had kids and we had fun showing them our old house and some of our favorite places.

**Do you see Ethan's puffy black eye? It looks much worse in person. He fell while we were at Fred Meyer this weekend. He screamed and screamed. I got lots of 'what kind of mother are you?' glares. It was awesome. Note to self - always smile at the Mama who is trying to comfort her screaming kid. She could probably use it!

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