Thursday, August 11, 2011

lemonade stand

Audrey has been asking, no begging, to do a lemonade stand for quite some time. And yesterday was finally the day. Patrick had some time to himself last week and spent it building them a great lemonade stand. We moved it over to Kylie's house (since they get a little more traffic than we do). We baked brownies and mixed up the lemonade. The five kids each took turns "manning" the station.

It was very fun. After expenses, they each earned $1.25 - and were thrilled. Not bad for a cloudy Wednesday in Bellingham. Liam is my little entrepreneur. He had figured out ahead of time how much we'd need to sell in order to not only make money, but also be able to fund another one. And this morning he tells me that next time we should tell all of our customers where and when we'll be doing it again so they can come back if they like our stuff. Smart kid.

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Jen said...

He definitely is a little entrepeneur!