Wednesday, December 21, 2011

sniff, sniff

I'm a little sad. I just took down and moved out the last crib that will ever be in our home. Ever. My best friend Kylie came to help. With both the physical and emotional parts.

Don't get me wrong. I love watching my kids grow up. They are all becoming strong, capable, independent people. And isn't that the goal? But it is also hard to believe that a chapter in our lives is over. No more pregnancy, breastfeeding, cribs, diapers, highchairs. And don't get me wrong - most of that makes me very, very happy. Birth to three is not my strong suit. (Don't judge me! It's taken me many years to be able to say that without feeling like a rotten mom. I'm just better at this once we can communicate with words and apply just a teeny bit of common sense to our interactions.) So in many ways I'm happy to have it behind me. But it's over. It's done. And that makes me sad.

So I'll sniff, sniff for a bit. And then move on. I've got a feeling there are some good years ahead of us. And I intend to savor every moment!


Misha Leigh. said...

I think you are a beautiful mom, Rach, and I totally get that grief tinged with excitement when seasons shift. I hear you. I still sometimes tear up when I see another teeny baby and know I can't have one that small again! I love watching how you raise your kids and think I'm lucky for having a front row seat. : )

Kathy E. said...

Amen sista