Monday, December 19, 2011

weekend wrap-up

We had a very fun weekend. I thought I'd get around to blogging these one at a time, but we were too busy to blog!

Saturday morning began with Liam's basketball game. (A 36-16 win. Technically no one keeps score during these games. But you can ask any of the players and they can tell you!) We have a strong team this year and it's been fun to watch him play.

Next, we headed up the street to the annual fireman santa event. Local firefighters drive through the neighborhoods and collect food and toys for those in need. They pause at each stop and do pictures. One little guy of ours insisted on going in his full fireman regalia!

Ethan could not care less about a picture with santa. And that letter in his hand? It was not for santa. It was a picture he drew for a fireman.

Pure joy!

Next on the agenda - a rather big move. It came to my attention that it is perhaps time for my 3.5 year-old to move out of his crib. Actually, Audrey was 4 when she made the move so this was considered early for the Oscarson household! Here is a picture of Ethan standing next to his crib on his last night in it.

And believe it or not we were still using the changing table to dress him after his bath. I know, I know. Ridiculous. What can I say?? I don't like change! You'll be relieved to know that the changing table now resides in the garage where it awaits its next owner!

So the big night finally arrived. The evening started with a group huddle and lots of encouragement.

Although it took him an hour to go to sleep - he did it! And slept in until his normal time. Success! But he has not yet taken a nap there. And believe me, he still needs his naps. We'll keep trying!
Then last night Audrey and I went on a double-date with our dear friends, Heather and Lauren. Our evening started at Olive Garden and ended at the Mount Baker Theater to watch the lovely Miss McKenna perform in a dance recital. It was a wonderful night!


Jen said...

Such a beautiful mom and daughter photo! I thought the crib was a bit much but to now you still use the change table! ( that's over the top). Your kids will always have a story to tell about their Mom( its a good thing).

Misha Leigh. said...

So thankful to have a fireman right next door! : )