Thursday, August 2, 2012

adoption update

Things are moving along quite nicely. What started out as a mountain of paperwork to complete has been reduced to a small hill. I sent off our final packet of documents for the home study piece yesterday. We should begin our home visits soon. Little nervous to have someone delve that deeply into our lives - but we'll survive. And it's just one more hurdle to get to our girl. All five of us had, and passed, our medical exams this week so I can check that off our list too.

After the home study is complete, then we compile and submit our dossier (the large packet of documents that gets translated and sent to Ethiopia). I've started working on this group too so I'm hoping to have it ready to go about the same time our home study has been completed.

So that's it from here. Just lots of paperwork. I'm glad that I have things I can be doing to move this along. Once everything has been sent to Ethiopia we wait. And wait. And wait. I hear that's the toughest part.

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