Sunday, September 16, 2012

this and that...

 Look who's learning to ride a big bike??!! He's doing so great. Our good friends Ryder and Kylie cleaned and repaired one of their son's old bikes and gave it to Ethan. He loves it! He did great his first time out so we hopeful that this will be a smooth transition.

Audrey started a dance class last week. She's taking jazz and enjoys it very much. I just love her sense of style (something she did NOT get from me!).
And Liam is tearing things up on the soccer field. He is so much fun to watch. His team had a great game this weekend (4-2 win!) and he's really enjoying his teammates.
Fall is off and running in the Oscarson house. Busy, but good. Nice to get back into a steady routine.

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