Monday, March 11, 2013

wonderful weekend

We had a very fun weekend. The sun was shining, so how could it not be??!!

Saturday morning we got up and went down to visit my brother and his family. We played at a nearby park and enjoyed a delicious lunch. Then we headed up to my aunt's house where my grandmother was staying and visited with them. My aunt has an enormous backyard and a very energetic dog, which my kids thoroughly enjoyed. Then my uncle took Patrick and the kids for a ride in his classic car. They loved it!

Sunday was also nice. In addition to getting ready for the week ahead, we played games, watched a family movie (Alone in the Wilderness), and BBQ'd dinner.

Thankful for a great weekend full of family, rest, and preparation. Couldn't ask for more.

p.s. - Jee Young, Audrey has worn the scarf you made her nonstop! She loves it. Thank you so much.

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