Tuesday, April 14, 2009

evening walks

Two summers ago my friend Kylie and I took tons of evening walks. We'd put the kids to bed and then we'd be out the door. It was wonderful! Last summer was a total wash b/c I was about to pop and then recovering. But this summer - we're back! And tonight was our first walk of the season. Felt great! I cannot think of a better way to wind down after a long day. Tonight Kylie mentioned something crazy about us running a half-marathon in September. Wait a minute - I'm not a runner!!! But who knows....35 years old, 3 kids - why not??? Maybe it'll be the first thing on my "New things I want to do before I turn 40" list.


The Gallagher Crew said...
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The Gallagher Crew said...

You can do it!!! It's only 13 miles...no prob! =) Plus...you have 5 months to prepare. How about this...you run one in Sep and I'll run one in Nov??? We can train together virtually!!!