Saturday, April 11, 2009

so good

God is so good. Guess where I was last night? A Good Friday service! Patrick got home earlier than he thought - 6:45. And he offered to put the boys to bed. So Audrey and I ran out of the house and made it to the 7:00 service at CTK. It was very nice. And it was a great opportunity to teach Audrey how God answers prayers. When I had told her yesterday afternoon that we could not go to a Good Friday service she was so disappointed she was in tears. So I told her to pray about it. To tell God how sad she was and how much she wanted to go. I had no idea Patrick would get off early. But either way, I want to teach her at an early age to pour her heart out to Him. Her joy and thanksgiving - along with her sadness and disappointment and fears. To pray specifically and out loud. And then to give Him all the glory. On the way home from church last night we thanked Him for our answer to prayer. And rejoiced in His goodness. Happy Easter weekend everyone!

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