Wednesday, June 10, 2009

at-home vacation

So we are in the middle of a beautiful week of at-home vacation. Before we had kids this was an idea that had never occurred to us! Since having kids, we've done it a few times and love it. Not only is there the obvious financial benefit, but everyone sleeps great in their own beds, there is no packing and unpacking to worry about, and you get to enjoy your own town in ways you might not always think of. Now that we're "experts" in the area of at-home vacations, I thought I'd offer a few tips.

1. Start with a clean house. Do the bathrooms and floors and get everything straightened up. It's so much easier to relax in a clean home. Make sure laundry is all caught up too.
2. Let everyone in the family pick some fun activities they want to do. Make a list and then get them on the calendar!
3. For me - vacation means good food. So at-home vacations are the same. Get some yummy treats and cook some delicious meals you might not otherwise have.
4. Regular activities (schoolwork, housework, exercise) are optional for this week!
5. Relax and have FUN!

We got off to a slow start with all the colds in this house - but now we're going strong. We've visited the Rocket Bakery, the library and Lynden Park. Yesterday we headed to Seattle and enjoyed the Pacific Science Center and a nice visit with Luke and Jee Young. We've enjoyed BBQ'd Copper River Salmon and lots of ice cream. Oh - and family games too. Very fun. And the week is only half over!

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Jen said...

It would be fun to set up a week end like that as well. Just fun.