Sunday, June 7, 2009


Ethan is getting better. Amen! Yesterday we had to do two of the at-home Albuterol treatments, today just one. He still wheezes a fair amount, and breathes faster than usual, but he's improving. The night we took him to the hospital he was breathing 66 breaths per minute (that's a lot - and very scary to watch). Today he was down to 42. Normal for his age is somewhere around 30 so he's getting closer. Thanks for your prayers.

There are times I wish we were closer to family. To call on when we need help, to pitch in when we are at our end. But God has richly blessed us with amazing friends. Who come over in the night. Who bring a meal. Who show us earthly examples of His love and care for us. Thank you friends!

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Courtney said...

Thanks from us to your friends too! Glad you have wonderful people close taking good care of you and your family=) Glad little man is doing better too!