Tuesday, June 2, 2009

this and that

Ethan is learning to play the ukulele. He fits right into this family for sure!

We finally got a mattress for the top bunk. The kids love it! There's been talk of a slumber party in Liam's room this weekend.

Audrey had her first dress rehearsal for her dance performance this weekend. And I got to take my first stab at a bun. We'll be working on it over the next couple of weeks!

Both kids got new swim suits. I think they're adorable. Can't believe how hard it is to find a modest suit for Audrey already. UGH! But we're both happy with this one!


Jen said...

the bunk beds look great! Hope Audrey has a wonderful dance performance!

Courtney said...

wonderful family! Just letting you know I read every day even if I don't comment and love all the updates=) Love you!

~beautyandjoy~ said...

We could hear someone playing the other night when we were sitting in the back yard and it was BEAUTIFUL. We loved it! :)