Tuesday, December 1, 2009


So for the first time ever - I finally feel ready for advent. Thanks to my friend and neighbor who got me thinking about it early and shared her great ideas - and my mother who either purchased or creatively prepared most of what I'm using - I am ready.

I have a tendency to become so obsessed with crossing things off my to-do list that I miss the "moments." I'm determined to not let that happen this year. We are going to slow down our school schedule for the month so we have plenty of time to read, relax, enjoy, and reflect on the season. Each morning we'll do a Christmas devotion and open one of our boxes for the day which contains a special activity. Our theme for the month is "giving" and I'm encouraging the kids to think of creative ways we can give. And every Sunday night we get to light an advent candle and do a family devotion focused on Hope, Love, Joy and Peace.

My goal is to be intentional. About our time and our focus. And to celebrate the greatest gift this world has ever been given!

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~beautyandjoy~ said...

I love your little match boxes - those are so cute!