Wednesday, December 2, 2009

math for today

one week of vacation = one week of sick kids

The big kids have sniffles, sore throats and "plugged" ears. Ethan has all the above and two ear infections and his newly-diagnosed asthma has flared up again. Poor guy. He's been to the doctor twice this week and is on lots of meds.

I'm sad that we're missing out on being outdoors and enjoying this beautiful sunshine - but so thankful for the holiday season and Christmas music and our daily advent surprises. Just made Christmas-decorated rice krispie treats for today. Yum!

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Courtney said...

Sorry Rach=( I'll be praying for health...especially for little Ethan. So thankful that we live in a time when the doctors can keep him safe and "fix" him all up! Love you! Glad you guys are enjoying the Christmas season!!