Saturday, December 5, 2009

another great deal!

My mom got Audrey this super cute dress and leggings outfit from Lands End and Audrey loves it. Wants to wear it all the time! But she didn't have any shoes that went with it very well. So she and I went shopping for some boots that would be warm and comfortable, but also cute with a dress. After looking at a couple of other places, we found these gems at Kohl's. With a price tag of $49.99. Who on earth pays that much for kids shoes??? Anyway - as I was about to move on, I saw a sale tag on them for $15.99. Now we're talking. AND I had a $10 off coupon. These adorable boots that she loves were $5.99. I love a good deal! And it was so fun to teach my daughter what a thrill bargain hunting can be!

**The boots are not dirty, by the way - it's not a great picture and that's just how the suede showed up.**

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Courtney said...

Nice! Way to go Sis! And she looks adorable, as usual=)