Saturday, March 31, 2012

math club

I just have to tell you about an answered prayer for us. At the end of winter quarter, we learned that we would no longer have childcare on Fridays for Ethan while the big kids and I went to co-op. We were very disappointed and prayed about it, but I could not think of any other options for us. I told the co-op directors about our situation. They were sorry to see us go, but agreed to hold our spot for when Ethan is five (our co-op has a lengthy waiting list so this was very nice of them to do that!). The big kids and I began making plans for how we could still make Fridays fun. Field trips. Picnics. Playdates. We were disappointed, but trying to make the best of it.

Then a couple of weeks later, we learned that the directors had decided to offer a co-op preschool option on a trial basis for spring quarter. Moms of the preschoolers would take turns in their room. I jumped at this opportunity! The big kids were thrilled that we can at least finish out this year. We're two weeks into spring quarter now. Things are going well. It's a little crazy balancing my time between the preschool room and my class. But I know it will get smoother as time goes on. And all three kids are loving it - so it's totally worth it!

My 'Math Club' class is going great. We do math with dice. Math with dominoes. And play lots of math games. The kids seem to really like it. And I love that it's requiring a lot less planning than my pioneer class!

We're so thankful for the way God worked this out for us. And so blessed to be able to spend time with this neat group of families.

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