Wednesday, March 7, 2012

this and that

I feel like I've missed some things that I wanted to be sure got on my blog (so they'll be included in that blog book I'm going to do...someday). So here it goes. A little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Our co-op did an end of the quarter party last Friday which included a talent show. The kids immediately signed up. Liam played a song he has learned on the piano (Mary Had a Little Lamb) and Audrey re-wrote the words to go along with the "tropical" theme. They were nervous but did such a great job. I'm so proud that they did it!

The last weekend in February, the big kids came with Patrick and I to our annual bluegrass festival called Wintergrass. It was very fun! (Don't worry - Ethan had fun too. He got to spend time with Nana and Papa!) Audrey's actual birthday occurred while we were there. So in addition to the festival music, she opened her presents, we went swimming in the hotel pool, had dinner at Pagliacci Pizza and enjoyed dessert at Red Robin. She was well-celebrated!

Oh - and she loves to be sung to at the EXACT time she was born (6:02pm). So we made our way to one of the lovely Bellevue sky bridges and serenaded her!

Over the course of the weekend we listened to tons of great music. Most of it by bands you probably don't know. But you might recognize this man. Ricky Skaggs was the headliner Friday night. It was a great show! He didn't even start his set until 10:25pm. Audrey and I were tired and left early, but Liam and Patrick powered through to the end.

Oh - and one last thing. The toothfairy in this house is going broke! These two are losing teeth at an alarming rate.

Phew - I think that's it. Now I feel caught up. :)

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