Friday, April 8, 2011

our week in pictures

Audrey prepared an April Fools' Day breakfast for Liam - make completely of paper and cardboard. He clearly loved it!

Audrey made her own slides to look at under her microscope from leaves and flowers she and a friend collected while on an 'adventure walk'.

This little guys loves puzzles. And is quite good at them!

And he has a new favorite phone.

The boys raided Audrey's hair drawer. Daddy would be so proud.

Audrey and I went for a late-night walk after the boys were in bed. So fun. The first of many, I'm sure!


Misha Leigh. said...

Oh yay - he's playing with the puzzles! : )

Amber said...

Oh, Rachel. They are getting so big! I read you blog all the time...but never can figure out how to leave a comment. I'll see if that can change today. I have questions for you about homeschooling. Audrey is just so big! Wow!