Thursday, April 28, 2011

smart or sneaky?

There are things I do as a mom that make me wonder if I'm being smart or sneaky? Perhaps the fact that I even have to ask the question points toward sneaky. But I don't know. What do you think?

My boys love Wheaties. It's their favorite cereal. I prefer that they eat Total. They say they don't like Total. But my youngest is quite a picky eater and I figure he can use the extra vitamins and minerals where ever he can get them. So yesterday, the Wheaties ran out. I took the box into the kitchen to get a new one and saw an unopened box of Total in there. I took out the plastic bag of Total, slipped it into the Wheaties box and brought it back to the table. And wouldn't you know - they love it.

Or this example. I'm sick and tired of finding pee all over the toilet. On the rim, on the back, on the floor. Yuck! And there is only one young boy in the house who uses the toilet - so I know who the culprit is! This week I thought up a plan. Each day he can earn 25 cents if the toilets are as clean at night as they were in the morning. "No problem" he exclaimed when I told him my proposal. And sure enough - they're spotless. I figure I'll do this for a few weeks and then once I'm sure of what he's capable of - he can pay me 25 cents every time I find misplaced pee!

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Wallflower said...

Is the 25 cent thing still working??