Friday, April 1, 2011


My sister recently came for a visit. I'm the oldest in our family - she is the youngest. We are separated in age by eight years, but that space seems to dwindle with each passing year. We had a wonderful time. I adore her, my kids adore her - and we miss her already.

Patrick and I are done having kids. Our quiver is full and our cup runneth over. But when I spend time with my sisters - and realize that my daughter will never experience this relationship - it makes me stop and wonder. How would I be different if I had no sisters? They love me and refine me and laugh with me and are honest with me like no one else on this earth. And it makes me sad that Audrey will never have this in her life.

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Jen said...

I think I am blessed to have a boy and girl and then I think they won't have the sister-sister or brother- brother bond but what they will have will still be special. I have incredible sister in laws and a sister so I am doubly bessed. Maybe that will be Audrey's experience!