Thursday, December 11, 2008


It's amazing how my fantasies have been altered by age and motherhood. My fantasy today? Ten uninterrupted hours to clean and organize my house. Cleaning in bits and pieces takes twice as long and is not nearly as satisfying. I just got the bathrooms done while Ethan napped, and the playroom has been destroyed by the big kids. On the other hand, I'm sure someday down the road when I have a clean, quiet home and more interesting fantasies - I'll miss these days of noise and chaos. So perhaps I'll just choose to enjoy today. I won't stop cleaning (my in-laws arrive tomorrow!) but I'll not get so bothered by the mess.


Jen said...

as sick as that sounds that would be one of my ultimate fantasies as well, having the house stay that way forever would be the icing on the cake!

Courtney said...

Dream on sister!! And you are soon as your house is quiet and clean, you'll be missing those'll probably run through the house screaming and messing everything up...not washing your hands...unatached hair everywhere...It'll be complete chaos and you will love it!!
PS. I hope I'm there for that day!!
I love You!