Sunday, December 7, 2008

fun christmas weekend

We're getting the season off to a great start with a fun, busy family weekend. Saturday morning we each went on "dates" with the kids - something we try to do as often as possible. Patrick and Liam went to the Rocket, their favorite bakery and then did some Christmas shopping. Audrey and I then went to a craft fair and to the Grace Cafe for a yummy treat. Then all off to Haggen where they had an area set up for making gingerbread houses. I was a little sicked out by the germ factor, but the kids were quite content to make the houses and not eat them! Then we decorated our tree in the afternoon which was very fun. It's in the playroom this year since the big kids are old enough to not hurt it and Ethan is not yet moving that much! Next year will be a different story, I'm sure. After dinner and bath we piled into the car - kids in jammies - and looked at Christmas lights. This morning we had church and Audrey had play practice for the Christmas recital next weekend. She's VERY excited. We're even thinking we need to break down and buy a camcorder for the occassion. We'll see. Wrong time of year to be spending we'll see. Patrick put up more outside lights and did some household stuff this afternoon and we played a family game of Life. Busy, fun, productive. Restful - no - but we can sleep in January!

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Courtney said...

Sounds like you guys had a great weekend! It's fun having older kids isn't it? So many more ways to enjoy the holiday season! I can't believe you got them to NOT eat their gingerbread houses! Brainwashed I tell ya!! Haha! Love ya!